This week we have the pleasure of pouring four wild-fermented ciders that we love, both domestic and imported.  We will start out with three from the American North East, from Oyster River in Maine and from Fable fermentory in Vermont.  Both producers are part of the wave of farmers, growers, fermentors, and artists who have taken a holistic approach to caring for the land and revitalizing a sense of rural community that was more pervasive in this country in its earlier, more agrarian days, and cider serves as a great conduit to taste that sense of connection.  Also, being on of the principal early beverages produced here, it is a distinct part of our history, and in the hands of stewards like these it has a promising future.  From the Auvergne region in France, we will also pour a cider made by Catherine and Manu Dumora, who in addition to making beautiful wines we are excited to have just gotten in the shop also make a cider that is savory but slammable.  We got to visit with them last fall and after trying dozens of wines over a very long meal the cider was really a standout and great for waking up the senses.  Looking forward to sharing these on such a summery day.