This week we have the pleasure of pouring a lineup of new wines that have just arrived from the Cave des Nomades in the Roussillon.  Made by our friend José (a.k.a Zé) Carvalho in our favorite seaside town in southern France, Banyuls-sur-Mer, these wines are a perfect example of why this area is such a highly-regarded hotspot for natural wines, and this is the first that his wines have been available in CA.  Zé originally hails from Portugal, but ended up falling in love with natural wine and the landscape of the Roussillon after a lot of traveling as a musician and artist and meeting some of the winemakers in the area.  A few years ago he acquired a small, previously abandoned parcel in the hills outside Banyuls and has slowly grown to about about 8 hectares, all the while focusing on biodynamic farming and intuitive winemaking in the cellar.  Zé describes his inspiration for his wines thusly: "It comes from a constant need to travel. I always felt the need to move from place to place. So when I decided to stay in Banyuls, I needed my imagination to travel. So the cellar is home, but from there I can go wherever my inspiration takes me."

Zé was out here to visit in March for the Brumaire natural wine fair, and after everything was over had a great night taking he and a few other winemakers out to a spicy dinner at Z&Y in Chinatown and a night of buds and blues at the Saloon in North Beach for a real old-San Francisco night, and getting to know him better revealed a truly expansive mind (speaks 7-8 languages) and open-hearted personality.  We're very excited to share these wines with you.