This week we have the pleasure of welcoming back our friend Tess to pour more Australian arrivals from her new importation company, Tess Bryant Selections.  Even better, this time she has some Australians in tow to pour their wines and share their story.  We'll be welcoming Mark and Alicia, whose winery Borachio has never been seen in CA before and who make some really slammable and delicious juice, perfect for starting the weekend off right.  We'll also have a few new cuvees from James Erskine's Jauma label (having also worked for James for several years now means Mark and Alicia will have a bit of light to shed on that as well), which we have seen around these parts before and never disappoint in their vitality.  It's always a treat to have the minds and mouths that help bring wine we enjoy into the world so be sure to stop by this week, say hi, and throw a few back.  We'll be pouring the spectrum: bubbles, white, rosé, and red, two from each producer.