How It Works

We offer both retail purchases and on-site consumption.  All of our stock is priced for retail, but any bottle in the shop can be opened for a $10 corkage fee (waived for wine club members).  We also offer a limited selection of wines by the glass each day which varies according to what we feel like drinking, all glasses are $12. Every Friday we offer a tasting from 5-9m, typically 4 wines for $12. No flights at other times of the week.

We do not serve food but welcome you to bring your own (no garlic fries).
Dogs are not allowed in the shop and must stay outside.  Only service animals are permitted in accordance with ADA (applies exclusively to trained service animals, excludes emotional support animals).  We love dogs but we prioritize this as a place for humans to socialize unmolested. We have tie-up locations and water available out front.

Wine Club

A monthly selection of 4 bottles we choose that offer a window into the many facets of living wine.
THE HEARTBREAKERS CLUB: 2 bottles per month for $50
(choice of either 1 white and 1 red, 2 red, or 2 white)
THE LOVERS CLUB: 4 bottles for $90, (2 red and 2 white)
THE GOLD CLUB: 2 choice bottles we think are extra special for $100
Club wines can be picked up at the shop and are available after the 6th of every month
As a club member you also receive a 10% discount on any other retail bottle purchases and the $10 corkage fee to open bottles in the shop is waived
There is no fee for joining or penalty for leaving the club
Club wines can be shipped for an additional $20 per month
Any wine club accounts that have been inactive for 6 months (i.e. have not been picked up during that period and we have not been otherwise notified of an extended absence) will be automatically converted to shipped accounts (shop space is limited!)
You can sign up for the club in the shop or give us a call at (415) 401-7708