Refund Policy

We only accept the return of bottles that are corked (i.e. cork has been infected by the compound trichloroanisole [TCA], which occurs in a small percentage of wines stoppered with real corks regardless of production methods or storage conditions.  Wines stoppered with synthetic corks, crown caps, screw caps, or glass stoppers essentially cannot be corked). Please bring the bottle in question to the shop when returning to be evaluated by a member of the staff to determine if TCA is the problem.  We are only able to offer a replacement of the same bottle if still in stock or another of comparable value, we cannot exchange a bottle for cash or credit. We do not offer returns for bottles that differ from expectation but are otherwise sound. All of our wines are handmade, unique expressions of the environment in which they were produced and may challenge the conventions promoted by the sommelier-industrial complex and the conventional wine trade.  We work diligently to explain the traditions and methods used and the potential sensory experience of the wines we sell to the consumer in as complete and relatable a manner as we are able, but given the inherently subjective nature of sensory experience and our own fallibility as humans we are unlikely to be able to achieve this 100% of the time. Encountering a wine you simply don’t like can still be a valuable educational experience.  We appreciate your understanding.